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Welcome to Fakenham Aikido Dojo

"We Respect the Past,
Question the Present
and Build for the Future"

A very warm welcome to all visitors to


Sensei Robert Pawley

Do you have an interest in traditional Japanese culture or stretching yourself mentally and physically? Then consider taking advantage of a beginner's course in aikido for anyone aged 18 or over.

Aikido is a dynamic martial art that focuses on unbalancing and controlling an aggressor using blending movements, without relying on brute strength. It emphasises throwing and pinning techniques instead of punching or kicking. There are no competitions in Aikido; just a journey of self-discovery.

Please feel free to come along and see what we do, join in or just watch - it's up to you. We will introduce you to the basics of Aikido, including stretching, rolling, falling safely, basic throwing and pinning, and traditional etiquette. The sessions are designed to satisfy the curiosity of anyone looking for something just that little bit different. If you've thought of practising a martial art but haven't found what's right for you, maybe Aikido is what you've been looking for.